Rachelyn farrell

Research Scientist
Narrative Intelligence Lab
University of Kentucky
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Tag: Fractals

  • Fractal Flames

    Fractal Flames

    I made these with Oxidizer back in the day. Feel free to download and use any of my fractals for whatever, e.g. desktop wallpapers? Sadly most of them are not big enough for printing, although I’ve made some mousepads etc. that look fine.

  • Fractal Paintings

    Fractal Paintings

    These are fractal flames┬áthat I’ve smudge-painted in Photoshop to add detail. I find it really enjoyable to make them, and I have plans for several more, but what with time and all…

  • Fractals in Space

    Fractals in Space

    Like regular fractals… but in space!

  • Raw Fractals

    Raw Fractals

    My first fractals! Made with GNU XaoS.