Rachelyn farrell

Research Scientist
Narrative Intelligence Lab
University of Kentucky
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Tag: Development

  • Narrative Space Summarization Study

    For my dissertation I developed a method of summarizing clusters of stories (narrative plans), in order to help story domain authors better understand what kinds of stories are possible. To evaluate the technique, I made this tool that allows you to configure a story world and explore it by clicking on clusters and reading example…

  • Comic Zoomer

    Comic Zoomer

    A fun tool for reading comics ­čÖé (This doesn’t work great on mobile, but it’s better if you’re in ┬álandscape mode) Click on the comics to begin. Writers’ Kitchen by Caroline Catlett Gates The Window Unit, Part 1 by Caroline Catlett Gates Lumberjack Sarah vs Jackhammer Penny by Caroline Catlett Gates This one is longer…

  • Prisoners’ Dilemma – Predicting Choices

    Prisoners’ Dilemma – Predicting Choices

    This story was designed for the experiment in this paper. I was trying to predict people’s choices at the end based on what they do in the beginning. It worked pretty well! I built it with the Twine interactive fiction engine. The beautiful art was done by Caroline Catlett Gates. The ugly art was me…

  • Honest Abe

    Honest Abe

    Honest Abe is a 2D beat ’em up style game made with Unity by a team of 9 students in one semester. I was one of 6 developers and one of 4 game designers. As a developer I mainly worked on the enemy AI. There are three levels, several different kinds of baddies, three bosses,…

  • Caroline vs. the Roaches

    Caroline vs. the Roaches

    Download for Windows One of my first collaborations with Caroline, and my first and last game with Game Maker Studio.  

  • Zombie Salad

    Zombie Salad

    Zombie Salad is a fast-paced text adventure game made with Twine. Search the rooms and make sure you’re wielding something useful when the zombies attack! Play in a separate window