Camelot: An Interactive Narrative Sandbox Tool

Camelot is a customizable engine for building simple 3D adventure games, designed for use in interactive narrative research. The engine is controlled by basic text commands sent over standard input, allowing a Camelot game to be controlled by an external program, or experience manager, that can be written in almost any programming language. You can find the latest release and API documentation using the above link.

The project’s design is a collaborative effort by all of us at the Narrative Intelligence Lab. It was built in Unity by Alex Shirvani and Edward Garcia. I wrote the in-house scripting language we use to quickly build Camelot experience managers for testing, demos, and experiments.

Camelot was first showcased as a Playable Experience at AIIDE 2018, and later as its own tutorial workshop at AIIDE 2019: CamJam.

Honest Abe

Honest Abe is a 2D beat ’em up style game made with Unity by a team of 9 students in one semester. I was one of 6 developers and one of 4 game designers. As a developer I mainly worked on the enemy AI. There are three levels, several different kinds of baddies, three bosses, and even a perk system! All fully implemented… but I challenge you to even reach the final boss!

Best played with a mouse, not a trackpad. Unless you just want to die.