Rachelyn farrell

Research Scientist
Narrative Intelligence Lab
University of Kentucky
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Category: Poems about Society

  • Politics and Beans

    Relentless evening news reports a victory for them, a devastating loss for all our champions on the Hill. She rolls her eyes and feigns annoyance, stirs the pot of beans, and faithfully supports her team, and knows she always will. Unless– Perhaps she’ll wake up in this world and find she’s really in it, and…

  • The Not-So-Dearly Departed

    It was dark at dusk in downtown Denton and damp in the ditch where the dew had not drained, and, as dead as the dirt daubers down in the trenches, lay Duchess Delaney of Denton’s remains. Once white were the dresses now drenched by the grime of the muddy recesses of Mortimer Lane, and morbid…

  • Reined In

    Reining in the rebels rained in by all the rubble, like rabbits wrapped in rubber ribbons, trapped and troubled, and constantly constrained, defamed, and unconstructively detained. Who mustn’t muster up their fairly flustered, flubbing fibs, but for reasons unbeknownst and unannounced and mispronounced, should simply stop. Should settle in. Behave like bees, be busy being,…

  • Hydrofracking

    (Challenged to use the following words, in some form: graffiti, inject, Jonah, predict, scrape, and swarm.) The tanker trucks stack up along the pipeline with eager drills and empty tanks to fill, come to inject another million gallons of water, sand and chemicals down the well, which several thousand feet below the surface is pressurized…

  • Elephants in the Room

    Trudging through the sludge ahead, We drag our heavy weight, and wade– Judging by the trench we’ve made, Weakened, by the mud we tread. Fewer every day, and smothered, Falling, dying pachyderms. Dead. Weight. Full of worms. Straining still, to drag each other.

  • Unnecessary Fences

    Wild, rampant nature, thriving in the jungles, where I never go. I’m sure it’s very beautiful– more so than the kudzu here at home. But green and brown are all I have– the living patches we don’t need to change. The ground that we can live around– Between the roads and parking lots we paved.…