Rachelyn farrell

Research Scientist
Narrative Intelligence Lab
University of Kentucky
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Category: Poetry

  • Idle

    Collapse to the dusty floor of your head. It’s musty in there, and the air smells like something long dead. Dream of waking on a sunny morning, with the warmth from the window wafting across your feather bed. Kiss your love good morning as you sit up, and breathe… And life courses through you, and…

  • Scrabble Zongs

    A Zong (memorizing Z words for Scrabble) You idolize, you seize the prize, you vocalize of vitalizing zombies. It’s amazing how lazily you breeze the maze, you crazy lizards zooming through the kudzu. Raze the roof with jazz kazoo, you klutzes never sneezing to amaze me. Waltzing with a dozen zebras; Tis a zany thing…

  • Riddle

    (No one has answered this yet! Have they tried hard? Idk. But you could be the first!) Put me in the front and I am not; Put me at the end and I am many. I am put together, I am:

  • Hayden

    She had a fingernail stuck in the bow in her hair. She had a number on her back and she was sitting there, paying all attention to the numbers up in front. Laying all her cards upon the table and she’s done. It’s hard to tell the story at the time and place we’re in.…

  • I am as I am

    (a very crappy palindrome) I am as I am, as everything is. Anything is everything, and everything is “I”– as am I, as are you; all in one, and one in all! You are as I am, as “I” is everything, and everything is anything; is everything. As am I… As am I.

  • Arrows

    (flipping directions for your amusement) Who in their left mind would have right it at the station? I told him to left it up, or it would be right behind forever. But we were right without it, and when all our time was down, We drank ’til there was nothing right. He right and said…