We Wish Hugh a Merry Christmas

Written and filmed in one glorious day! With Missy Green, as Pachamamacitas.

C      Em             G7 Am    C7 Dm
I’ll be home for Christmas, Hugh can plan on me
Fm        G7                    C              Am
Please have Stu… Make my wish come true
D                   G C
All I want for Christmas is Hugh *
F                        Em F                C
Whoa oh the mistel toe hung where Hugh can see
Dm            Am       D7       G
Somebody waits for Hugh, and that somebody is me.
F         C G
Ho ho ho, Hugh wouldn’t know
F          G
Ho HO HO, Hugh wouldn’t know, I…
A               D
see Hugh when Hugh sleeping
A               D
I knows when Hugh’s awake
E            E
I’m dreaming of a hwhite christmas
And the babies Hugh and I could make
F                Em
Hugh will get a sentimental feeling… dat’s right
I am still a round young virgin,
Won’t Hugh guide my sleigh tonight
C                    G7
Have a holly jolly Christmas and in case Hugh didn’t hear
G7                C               B7
though it’s been said many times many waaaaays
F    C     G7 C
Merry xmas to hugh.