Rachelyn farrell

Research Scientist
Narrative Intelligence Lab
University of Kentucky
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Solar Plexus

(from a challenge to write a poem without using any visual description.)

I fade out of the shade into the sunny warm October
Where the pavement turns to gravel and I balance on the stones.
Soaking but unswayed because the thunderstorm is over,
I prepare to work my fingers to the bone.

Although the rays are soothing and the rain has battered past,
Amazing words elude me and I’m lost again in thought.
Lazy now, and brooding, I collapse into the grass,
And I take a break from writing what I’m not.

Blades of water, grass, and mud engulf me where I lay
And the bugs below my neck all scurry out toward the heat.
I face the fiery blaze, and it pulses through my veins,
And revives the ground beneath me as I breathe.

The subtle fluctuations fill my head with inspiration,
And with sudden motivation, I sit up.
I bring the pen to paper, but the words become a vapor.
I give up.