Rachelyn farrell

Research Scientist
Narrative Intelligence Lab
University of Kentucky
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On Life, and Fiction

My life is a long, slow work of fiction,
but without an author.
My story is in the hands of the protagonist;
it’s up to me to find patterns and meaning,
to casually acquire information that might later become critical.
I sift through the characters and choose which ones to explore.
I decide when to be curious, and what about…
which opportunities to pursue, and which to ignore.
I control the conflicts,
and the settings,
and the moods.
And I’ll weave them all together into one central theme,
whatever that may be, and then my purpose
will be clear.
My story will unfold.
The final resolution will be told.
And, with all the pieces fallen rightly into place,
it will end.

Leaving you, the reader, hopefully,
dying to read it again.